Mobile Phone | Donald Trump's campaign website exposed to hacking

Mobile Phone | Obviously this wasn’t something that the Trump campaign put there, so what happened? Was the site hacked by a nation state that wanted to interfere in the election? No. The truth is far less sensational than that: it was just a bit of bad coding.

Here’s an image you didn’t expect to see on election day: the header of the Trump website plastered with the message “Trump Concedes.”

Mobile Phone

Earlier in the day today, some eagle-eyed developers stumbled across a bug in one of the pages on the Trump site that allowed them to insert whatever text they wanted banner at the top of the page. They didn’t have to gain unauthorized access to do it, either.

That place was right in their browser’s address bar. By altering the URL of the page on the Trump website, people were able to make the banner proclaim everything from “Trump Accepts Defeat” to “I Like Turtles,” a reference to a popular Internet meme.

All they had to do was type in what they wanted it to say in the right place.

Source: Forbes

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