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Mobile PhoneRumours surrounding the launch on the Galaxy S8 continue to differ from one day to another. Earlier reports had suggested that the device will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in late February, some other purported leaks then indicated that Samsung may actually make the device official in New York City in late March or early April, But the latest report from South Korean business news publication, The Investor, claiming that the device will be launched officially during the third week of April. Many outlets have claimed that the phone will be released on April 18.

But, Samsung has not confirmed any of the rumours.
‘We cannot confirm the details of the Galaxy S8 launch,’ a Samsung spokesperson said.

So, It is likely, during the follow-up to the latest news about Galaxy S8.
The Galaxy S8 isn’t due to be announced until April, or at the earliest, next month in Barcelona. But that won’t stop case manufacturers from publishing pictures of their cases for the upcoming device,

It comes amid a flurry of rumours surrounding the firm’s latest flagship model, with many speculating that it will ditch the home button in favour of fingerprint scanning.

A new image of what could be the Samsung Galaxy S8 has surfaced on the web.

The home button and capacitive navigation keys have also been removed from the front - allowing for an end-to-end curved screen.

Additionally the volume rocker and power button appear to be on the left side of the device, as opposed to being on the left side like it normally is.

Samsung could have also developed a full-screen mode that manually activates, which allows for an end-to-end screen. 

Some speculate that a fingerprint scanner could be on the backside of the phone or underneath the glass.

But perhaps the most surprising is the fact that there is no headphone jack and no charging port. There isn’t even a visible flap that could be covering the charging port (which could be necessarily if this were a waterproof case). Which leads us to believe that Samsung is going to go all in with wireless charging. The removal of the headphone jack was widely rumored, and expected, especially with many other manufacturers doing the same thing.

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